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LIGHT WATER is BLACK WATER, by Michael Begg and the Black Glass Ensemble

HOLDING the OCEAN, by Eve Mosher

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Background to Ocean ARTic

A POP-led partnership that has brought together creatives and marine climate scientists together to explore the impact of climate change in the Arctic and Scotland through climate data and stories.

Primarily funded by Creative Scotland with match-funding from MASTS and the Blue Action project, and with in-kind contributions from other partners, this project has been established in a pivotal year for climate change negotiations at CoP26, and the start of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030). The creative outputs are being used as part of a public engagement programme on issues of climate change. Sharing of the creative process with both artists and scientists aims to inspire and inform other art-science collaborations to form.


The Ocean ARTic project will run until March 2022, with the following key components:

  • 1st April 2021: An online workshop providing a platform for creatives and marine climate scientists to discuss their work, also announcing the residency opportunity.
  • May and June 2021: Residencies for two creatives, interacting with scientists to explore data and science, co-creating an approach to a response or expression of stories of climate change in the marine environment.
  • July and August 2021: Commissioning of two works for public engagement in marine climate science.
  • September 2021 to March 2022: Exhibiting and public sharing of the works and the creative process, at venues and online before and during CoP26.
  • Early 2022: A legacy workshop to consider the formation of a long-term network of collaborators across the marine science and creative communities of Scotland.


What’s happening now?:

Michael Begg and Eve Mosher have progressed from our residency phase and were commissioned to produce works as part of the Ocean ARTic project.  We are now in a public-sharing phase, with a growing schedule of online and in-person events.

Eve is an established environmental artist and engager of the public in matters of climate and nature. She has been developing a multi-sensory experience called ‘Holding the Ocean’, to share climate change stories (lived experiences) of marine researchers and coastal communities while conveying a sense of the opportunities and capacity we (the public) have individually and collectively to take meaningful action for ocean and planetary health. Eve has be capturing ‘stories’ for an installation piece and interactive online experience.

Michael is a contemporary and experiment composer experienced in the transformation and realisation of scientific data into immersive musical pieces. He has been continuing the technical development of software, processing data and transforming the cycles, trends and climactic variables of that data into music. In his commission Michael is incorporating new insights and data from additional researchers, ultimately moving toward musical recordings and public performances with his ‘Black Glass Ensemble’ – his works are titled ‘Light Water is Black Water’. You can read about the creative process of his residency period with us at his project blog: Ocean ARTic Residency – Michael Begg Studio.

Read more about the artists here in our previous residency announcement

The Team

MASTS Members: Chris Leakey and Hannah Ladd-Jones

Project partners: Blue Action EU projectPeople Ocean Planet, Creative Informatics.

Steering Groups partners: Marine Scotland and EcoArtScotland

Chris Leakey said: “MASTS is delighted to set this in motion as part of our People Ocean Planet initiative for greater impact from marine science. Ocean ARTic will not only result in exciting works for public impact in this most critical year for tackling climate change, but will also pave the way for further collaborations between Scotland’s creative and marine science communities. Other key partners include Blue Action, an international climate research project, and Creative Informatics for inspiring and enabling data-led, innovative and digital creativity.”
The Blue-Action project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 727852.

Project Partners


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