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Ocean and Climate Change – Digital School Science Kit

MASTS and People Ocean Planet are excited to share our Digital Science Kit – in collaboration with the Great Science Share for Schools. This is an educational resource on the important theme of ‘Oceans and Climate Change’. This science kit has been created in a way that encourages each student to follow their interest, ask questions and become more confident to be able to talk and tackle science!

*** Click here to download all worksheets and teacher packs for the kit, or scroll to see each section outlined in more detail ***

Within this theme the students are able to choose between 4 topics:

  • Sea Level Rise
  • Fisheries and Climate Change
  • Marine Renewable Energy
  • Ocean Acidification

Each of these four topics has been written by a scientist in that field, and includes an introduction video, worksheets, and lots of fun activities! Each activity encourages the students to choose what they think is the best way to help make positive change to our ocean and help reduce to impact of climate change, using the information they have learnt.

  • Where will they build their marine energy park?
  • How will they tell others about their favourite ocean habitat – a story, dance, poster or speech?
  • Complete there own scientific report – what will they choose to design an experiment for?
  • Become a fisherman and learn to fish sustainably – what species will they catch?

This content is aimed at 11-14 year old’s and spans across curriculum to be part of lessons in Science, Biology, Geography, Maths and Arts. It would also be great for a science club or afterschool activity.

What is Included?

We have provided a teacher pack, which breaks down the resources in this science kit. The teacher pack includes possible lesson plans, answers to the worksheets, additional Q and A’s from our scientists to help you answer some follow up questions, definitions and guidance on sharing your science and experience.

Introduction and Meet Our Scientists!

Meet the four experts from the MASTS Forums who created the content for this pack:

  • Dr Dani Whitlock (Sea Level Rise)
  • Dr Andrew Want (Marine Renewable Energy)
  • Ieuan Jones (Fisheries and Climate Change)
  • Dr Matthew Wale (Ocean Acidification)

They have prepared a short video to introduce themselves!

Next up is an introduction to the topic of ‘Ocean and Climate Change’ and why it is so important to learn about.

Then it is time for the students to choose which of the topics they would like to learn about first. Here is a 1 minute introduction to each of the topics before they set off to complete their chosen section of the science kit.

Each Topic:

Here are the work packs for each topic – don’t forget to share your students work (see below!)

Sharing Your Science and Experience

We would love for you to share your science! All guidance for sharing is in the teacher pack, please read and follow this. In addition to this you can also check the guidance on the Great Science Share for Schools Website.

We have included a summary sheet to share, which will both help the students reflect how they found the activity but also find out how other students chose to help reduce the impact of climate change on our oceans.

Here are the links to social media to tag us in and share your work!

People Ocean Planet Twitter @OceanBehaviours

MASTS Twitter – @mastscot

We would also be grateful if you could fill in this survey at the end of the activity. This helps POP and MASTS measure the impact of the activities we produce. This will help us improve our future activities and help us direct our future work. We thank you in advance for taking the time to do this and help us with our work.

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Printable Documents

To make some of the sheets easier to print, we have included more ‘printer-friendly’ versions of some of the sheets in the activity pack that can be downloaded here.


We have included QR codes and some links to sites on the sheets. These are also listed here.

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