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From Paris to CoP26

We are supporting a project led by UN Association Scotland and UN House Scotland to build momentum to CoP26. The overall project invites citizens and organisations to show support by ‘signing up’ to the original Paris Agreement. This includes a series of public events in September and October 2021, themed to different sectors and facets of the climate challenge, for which we have been helping source suitable speakers from our science and industry networks.

Importantly, From Paris to CoP26 is not just symbolism and talk, but is actively providing, curating and inviting tool-kits and guides for behaviour changes that will help drive climate action. These guides will span action for individuals, households and organisations and businesses. POP has already helped the team produce an update to a sustainability guide for individuals and households, and there is much more to come!

For full project details and to sign up for events, see From Paris to COP26.

Twitter @FCop26  #FromParistoCop26

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