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Peruvian Fisheries during Covid

Although our part has sadly been hit by UK Government ODA funding cuts, we are still having some low-level input to this project focussed on the consequences and opportunities of Covid-19 on small-scale fisheries in northern Peru.

Through value chain analysis and further interviews with various actors in local seafood supply chains, our ambition has been to go beyond the norm in evaluating socio-economic resilience and understand the behavioural adaptations people have made to survive or even thrive in this period. We then want to consider whether any of these adaptations have a synergy with longer term sustainability outcomes and, if so, how to help people retain these adaptations post-Covid.

Central to the approach in this project has been supporting local researchers and community stakeholders to carry out work locally, particularly in relation to data collection and local engagement.

For more information, see the project website.

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