Ocean ARTic update – commissioned works underway

Ocean ARTic update – commissioned works underway

Our artists in residence, Michael Begg and Eve Mosher, have both now stepped up to produce creative works that will drive some public engagement in marine climate science. We are very excited to see what they are going to produce, what exhibition and performance opportunities emerge, and we are working in parallel to develop an approach to evaluating impact on audiences.

Eve is an established environmental artist and engager of the public in matters of climate and nature. She is developing a multi-sensory experience that shares the climate change stories (lived experiences) of marine researchers and coastal communities while conveying a sense of the opportunities and capacity we (the public) have, individually and collectively, to take meaningful action for ocean and planetary health. Eve is capturing ‘stories’ for an installation piece and interactive online experience.

Michael is a contemporary and experimental composer experienced in the transformation and realisation of scientific data into immersive musical pieces. He is continuing the technical development of software, processing data and transforming the cycles, trends and climactic variables of that data into music. Michael is now incorporating new insights and data from additional researchers, ultimately moving toward musical recordings and hopefully a public performance. Keep in touch with his creative process via his project blog: Ocean ARTic Residency – Michael Begg Studio.

Keep an eye on the Ocean ARTic project page for more information!

credit: Steffan Olsen DMI/Blue Action Coordinator


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