Ocean ARTic output “Ossian” now live

Ocean ARTic output “Ossian” now live

From the Ocean ARTic partnership, environmental artist Eve Mosher presents Ossian, Holding The Ocean – A Journey Connecting Scotland And The Ocean.

To explore the Holding the Ocean stories, Ossian will take you on a journey through the stories in partnership with inChat. Meet Ossian here! Ossian will be your guide as you journey through our stories of the ocean and land interactions in a novel and one of a kind conversation. 

Curious about the story of Ossian? Learn more.

We may like to use some of your responses to Ossian for research purposes. Please see this information sheet to understand how your it will be used. Your identifying information will be removed from data records before it is received by researchers; your contribution will be entirely anonymous. You are not required to enter any personal information.

Visit Eve’s Holding the Ocean webpage here. 

Eve has been working with marine climate researchers to connect their research with terrestrial adaptation and mitigation projects. ‘Holding the Ocean’ explores the climate change stories of marine researchers and change-based communities, conveying a sense of the opportunities and capacity that we have individually and collectively to take meaningful action for ocean and planetary health.

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